Journalism is, sadly, dying. Freelance journalism however is alive and paying really well.

In the face of journalism dreams and courses the always under-estimated freelance powers on with incomes (full-time) ranging up to $240,000 p.a. while enjoying a lifestyle way outside the 9-5 thinking.
I lecture my Masterclass in International Freelance Journalism for a number of years – in seven countries. Come – take it all in!
A freelance journalist is very different from a journalist. A lot. The journalist (and I used to be one) is hamstrung. In most cases, you don’t own copyright, your own thinking and publication falls into narrow parameters and your income is a ‘paid salary’. The freelance journalist OWNS very word you write, you can choose to write GLOBALLY and you can multiply your articles by many times. And, you can choose to write two hours a day or two hours a week. Many already do.
I, and many colleagues, can publish eight times in Australia (six States, 2 territories). So a freelance article in, say, Sydney Morning Herald can be $1,000 but, in 8 newspapers can be around $4,000 (smaller States pay a bit less). It is all about Australian tradition, practice and…copyright! I have presented Masterclasses each 2 or 3 years…I have more than 60 full-time journalists/freelances plus scores and scores of part-time freelances.
Almost the entire world features our primary weapon – English language newspapers. Thousands of them. I have been published in 41 countries, 13 languages in almost 1,300 newspapers and magazines. My marketplace is my oyster. You will find English language newspapers and magazines (bless their hearts) everywhere from Aberdijan to Beijing to Mumbai to Tokyo to Zambesi – and all in between. It looks complicated. I published on ‘Freighter Ships’ in 24 countries; ‘Boomerangs’ in 18 countries and Great Barrier Reef in 11 countries – in 2015. After 50 plus years in freelance, I have always been willing to share my information with you.
I am an ‘old fashioned’ journalist. Last century – oh, I have LinkedIn and Twitter etc – but what really counts is a world desperate for real discussion, information (facts, not fakes) and a trust built around transparent links with my ‘customers’ – editors. Readers don’t count so highly, plus they don‘t pay $.
Capture the freelance art – how, why and where – and start work next day. You don’t necessarily need a university course (less than half of full-time freelances don’t have one – just write a damn good article and NOTHING stands in your way.
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Fairfax & News Limited are ‘moving along’ more than 100  journalists. Damn. Gowordsmith has conducted two such sacked journalist seminars each year. We  will  offer ‘transformation’ outcomes within our MasterClass from which about 10% will become freelance journalists. We love the opportunity to assist – some are free presentations and others are inexpensive seminars. Contact or call 041813829



Graeme will manage the freelance journalism seminars/courses for below in 2016 & 2017
Chadstone          : Freelance Journalism           (Sat 10.00am-2.00pm) x4
Waverley             : Freelance Journalism          (Wed 6.00pm-8.00pm) x8
Chadstone          : Freelance Journalism          (Thurs 6.00pm-8.00pm) x8
Moorabbin         : Freelance Journalism          (Sat 10.00am-2.00pm) x 4
St Kilda Road     : Freelance Journalism          (Sat 10.00am-2.00pm) x4
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The occupation of freelance journalism has been long regarded as applicable to ‘retired’ or just ‘tired’ journalists.

Many freelances in Australia have often viewed their market as simply Australia – which is a miniscule section of a world filled with many hundreds of, for example, English language newspapers, crying out for interesting articles (e.g. over 600 English language newspapers in India).

Graeme Orr views freelance as an international market and has lectured, preached, pleaded and urged that freelance articles be sold across the world. He has lectured in overseas countries; UK, USA, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada…Sri Lanka coming later 2017

He has been published in 41 countries and 13 languages and offered up an array of examples in his classes – at Deakin University, plus weekend seminars at University of Western Australia (UWA), UTS (Sydney), University of Queensland (UQ), University of Tasmania (UTas), Swinburne University (Victoria), Latrobe University (Victoria),  RMIT University, Australian National University (ANU) and University of Northern Territory.

He has presented at Eastern Writers Festival (Boston, Connecticut USA – twice), New York Writers Festival (NY USA), California Writers Festival, (San Diego, USA), Hong Kong Writers (Hong Kong), New Zealand Journalist Forum (Auckland, New Zealand), Canada Writers Festival (Vancouver, Canada) etc.

Graeme has presented 1&2 day seminars at Writing Centres  across Australia., including;;
Adult Education, Hobart, Tasmania
Gippsland Writers Festival, Bairnsdale, Victoria
Northern Institute of TAFE, Preston, Victoria
Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Box Hill, Victoria
Holmesglen TAFE, (several campuses) Victoria
Prahran College of TAFE
…as well as Adult Education Centres in Ararat, Benalla, Bendigo, Colac, Wangaratta, Echuca, Horsham, Latrobe Valley, Mildura, Warrnambool, Wodonga, Stawell, Warragul, etc

So many journalism courses are at odds with the reality of freelance – they urge/imply that you write an article and then send it unsolicited to your preferred newspaper/magazine. Nonsense. That is not a business – that is shooting arrows in the dark. A few top freelance earn in excess of $250,000pa and they definitely don’t send ‘unsolicited’ articles. Try checking all major publications across the world and you will discover a very different procedure.

Don’t write the article…have editors REQUEST it from you. That’s a business strategy Graeme loves to explain. One of his most popular seminars is “Sell Your Writing for All it’s Worth!”.

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