It is important to note that the freelance journalist MUST be aware of a potential conflict of interest when they turn their ‘typing’ to commercial/consultancy activity.  For example, when I was writing the CPA for accountancy, I did not write about any aspect of accounting or related activity.  When I managed aspects of sales & marketing, I am very careful not to write about that profession.

Our reputation, in the mind of newspaper and magazine editors, is ALL we have. Read again slowly: reputation is ALL we have.

Some freelances ruin their reputation (with editors) by mixing FACTUAL WRITING with PR/ADVERTISING/PROMOTIONAL and other writing activity.  One is facts-based, the other is (supposedly) ‘persuasive’.  You (and I) can be ‘easily bought’, so do step very carefully.

As an occasional corporate writer, in the past 40 years, I have covered  a range of business writing, including:
Annual Reports
Advertising copy
Business proposals
Corporate Manuals
Media releases (mostly for not-for-profit charitable bodies)
Speeches (mostly for parliament)
Sub-editing (only when ‘forced’ to do so)

My clients include major associations, insurance, financial organisations, parliament and government departments, retailers, investment companies, and law firms.