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(Dictionary)  Wordsmith :  noun: wordsmith; plural noun: wordsmiths

“..a skilled user of words..”
Gowordsmith is the website of Graeme Orr, an international freelance journalist for almost half a century of playing with, juggling and shaping words – mostly in the form of freelance articles – but also occasionally utilised in political speechwriting for parliament, professional benchmarking, annual reports; with some television and movie narration in between.  Graeme has been published in almost 1,300 newspapers and magazines in 41 countries and 13 languages.

Graeme loves freelance journalism.  And, after so many years, Graeme is still learning…

He has spent some time, in past years, sharing his thoughts and experience with students (of all ages) teaching aspects not covered by local freelance teachers because they only publish in a ‘tiny’ market (Australia).  He enjoys sharing lots about freelance stuff with great success (check out scores of testimonials http://www.gowordsmith.com/site/index.php/testimonials-et-al/ )

If he’s not in his ‘learning room’ (office) he is likely out badgering some poor soul over a coffee…